My Soul Has Spoken, and it Says…

I need to be an artist.

I can’t stop denying it.

I can’t keep trying to make a living doing other things, things that are more “practical.”

Art is the thing I can do for hours and hours and lose track of time. Art is the thing that I can use to soothe myself, to forget myself, to become one with Something Bigger.

I always wonder why I haven’t succeeded in building my own business, and I think it’s because I’ve never stayed at anything long enough to succeed. I briefly threw myself into making art as my business earlier this year, but then I gave up because I was convinced I couldn’t do it.

I can.

I need to.

This is what I have always pictured for myself, yet I forget it over and over again.

I’m not sure exactly what it is that I’m going to do next, but this is it. This is what I’m doing.


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