What’s My Niche Again?

what's my niche again.jpg

(FYI: When I write “What’s My Niche Again,” I think of the Blink 182 song “What’s My Age Again,” and then I have that stuck in my head for hours at a time. You’re welcome.)

Niche. Target Market. Elevator Speech. Self Promotion. These are all words that make me both shake in terror and shiver in repulsion. I really, really, really do not like marketing myself or talking about myself or drawing attention to myself. Can you see how that would be a problem for someone who would like to build a business that involves selling pieces of art that they created?

Yeah, me, too.

Well, I’m on Maria Brophy’s mailing list, and I’m going through the free 10-week course thingamajig she has about becoming a full time artist. The third part of the course is all about figuring out your niche is. Once I’d answered some questions and put it all together, I figured out my niche is that I’m an “inspirational artist who creates nature-themed art with uplifting words and phrases.”

I want to tweak that, but reading through the email from Maria really made me realize I need to be specific in what I’m creating so I can market it to the right people and so I become a person who is known for a certain kind of art. When I answered the questions, I realized how important nature is for me, and that I want to have either trees, leaves, suns, sunset type colors, or stars in all of my pieces.

The other really important part is having some sort of life-affirming phrase or word in the work. Things like “Let Yourself Shine,” “You’ve Got This,” and “Trust Yourself.” I’ve been drawn to art pieces with words in them for years now, and it’s an essential element for me.

Realizing that this is where my niche is, and that this is what I have to concentrate on has been really helpful. I’ve been spending a huge portion of my time working on hand-lettering and trying to get that down, and that’s an awesome skill that I’ll certainly use in my work, but I am now going to transition into sharing only pieces that fit into my niche. That is, pieces that have trees and words or gorgeous sun patterns and words or stars and words. No more writing “Coffee” because everyone on Instagram loves to talk about coffee.

I gotta put myself out there. I wrote about this in my first post, and it’s still true. And I’m going to do it. I am doing it.



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